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Our Supervision Curriculum, CEs, and Community help to take the busy work, isolation, and extra stress out of supervision by providing you practical tools, resources, community, and continuing education.

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Supervision Curriculum and CE Community

43 instructional modules, including templates, presentations, application activities, and more.


Community discussion forums plus member meetups for collaboration and connection.


Competency rubrics, assessment tools, and progress trackers.

Continuing Education

A new on-demand CEU each month, completely free!

BONUS: Resource Library

Templates, trackers, forms and more to help you navigate supervision.

BONUS: Trainee Enrollment

Enroll up to 5 trainees for FREE in our trainee bundle with your active subscription.

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40+ Instructional Modules

Covering all areas of the 5th Edition Task List and beyond! Take away the prep work so you can focus on mentorship, feedback, and teaching while helping your trainee maximize their unrestricted activities.

  • Content aligned to the 5th Edition Task List

  • Activities for unrestricted hours

  • "Essential Question" discussions to build critical thinking

  • Meeting agendas and pre-meeting assignments

  • Structured meeting presentations with embedded BST

  • 74 unique written and observation-based application assignments

  • Competency-based rubrics for all application assignments

  • Resource lists for each module with links to related articles, books, podcast and more!

Free Preview

A peek inside one of our 43 comprehensive modules

Free preview of the BCBA Supervision Curriculum


5 star rating

Sets the Stage Beautifully

Lisa Falke

This beautifully lays out the framework for supervision and gives us immediate practice using all of the tools of the curriculum.

This beautifully lays out the framework for supervision and gives us immediate practice using all of the tools of the curriculum.

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5 star rating


Jennifer Spilewski

This is a comprehensive collection of resources to get your supervision started on the right path. The list of resources, webinars, podcasts, and articles w...

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This is a comprehensive collection of resources to get your supervision started on the right path. The list of resources, webinars, podcasts, and articles will be invaluable! The fluency component is great to work on with supervisees.

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Organizational and Group Discounts

Stand out to employees and students by providing exceptional support and learning. Grow competent clinicians who pass the BCBA exam the first time and help your supervisors avoid burnout by providing critical resources to support their work. Contact us for group discounts and packages.
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  • Can Trainees also buy this subscription?

    Absolutely! Though we recommend that Trainees purchase the "Trainee Bundle". Trainees can use the curriculum to supplement their current supervision, with their supervisor's guidance. Supervisors can also enroll up to 5 trainees with an active supervisor subscription.

  • Can I try the curriculum before purchasing?

    Unfortunately, because this is a digital resource, we cannot offer a full trail. However, we do offer a one of our 43 modules for free as a preview at:

  • How long do I have access?

    Curriculum access is provided as long as your subscription is active.

  • What resources are included in the member library?

    The growing member library includes a competency tracker, supervision evaluation survey, article review forms, supervision logs, trainee self-assessments, a unique documentation system, feedback forms, and more!

  • How many weeks does the curriculum cover?

    The curriculum currently has 43 comprehensive modules and over 74 unique application activities to span the length of your trainee's supervision hours.

  • How much does the subscription cost?

    Accessibility is important to us. Right now, we are offering all benefits of the bundle (curriculum, resource library, implementation guide, and monthly meetups) for $30 per month or $240 for the year, which includes access for both you and your trainees.

  • Will this curriculum work for remote or group supervision?

    Yes! The curriculum is designed with flexibility in mind, and can be easily adapted for in-person, remote, group, and individual supervision meetings.

  • How many trainees can I use the subscription with?

    The subscription cost is per supervisor. You can use the subscription with as many trainees as you have for the length of time that you are enrolled in the digital curriculum and you can also enroll your trainees directly. However, you and your trainees may not share the curriculum contents with others.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes! We offer discounts to groups of 3 or more. Email us at to set up a discounted group rate.


Game Changer

by Katlin Queen

"Your curriculum has been a game changer for my supervision. I can't thank you enough for bringing a critical eye to everything. Everything about this curriculum is honestly amazing. Thank you so so much"

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