Supervision doesn't have to be stressful

Are you a trainee looking for unrestricted hours? Want to supplement your supervision experience?

This bundle is for trainees. Sign up on your own and work with your supervisor to implement the activities OR obtain a login for free when your supervisor signs up for the Supervisor Curriculum!

$27 PER quarter. $9 Per Month.

Trainee Curriculum Access

  • Curriculum

    Need unrestricted hours? Struggling to make the most of your supervision experience? Our curriculum is designed to not just help teach you core competencies, but to help you to learn how to apply them in partnership with your site supervisor.

  • Community

    Feeling isolated during your supervision experience? Want to connect with other ABA Trainees going through their fieldwork experience? Our collective includes discussion forums with other trainees.

  • Competency

    Don't wait until you are done with fieldwork to study for the exam, develop competency along the way. Our modules begin with foundational skills and concepts, provide templates for application, include mini-mock exams, and our task list progress tracker.

Which bundle do you need?

Compare our trainee and supervisor bundles. If you are a supervisor, our Supervisor Curriculum Membership includes the ability to enroll your trainees as part of your membership, Monthly CEUs, and Member Meetups.
If you are a trainee whose supervisor is not a member of our Supervisor Curriculum Membership, but would like to supplement your current supervision, you can enroll directly. Of course, work with your supervisor to select applications, obtain feedback, and determine what counts as acceptable activities.

Supervisor Subscription


  • Renews Monthly.
  • 43 Modules
  • Assignments, Resource Lists, Presentations, and Competency Rubrics
  • Competency Evaluation Tracker
  • Supervision Resource Library
  • Monthly Supervision CE
  • Member Meetups
  • Enroll up to 5 Trainees for FREE

Take the stress out of supervision

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Quarterly Quarter Mocks

Access to a new 45-question mock exam every 3 months

Quarterly Quarter Mock
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Trainee Supervision Curriculum

43 modules filled with unrestricted activities and resources

Trainee Supervision Curriculum
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Trainee Resource Library

A growing resource bank of supervision templates, self-assessments, and more!

Trainee Resource Library

In the portal

Directly access key components of the supervision curriculum, plus, test what you're learning with module comprehension checks and mini mock exams each quarter.

  • Pre-meeting Activities for Unrestricted Hours

  • Application Assignments to Gain Competency

  • Supplemental Resource List to Learn More

  • Mini Comprehension Check

  • Needed Downloads, Forms, and Templates

  • Resource Library for Forms and Trackers

  • Quarterly 45 Question Mock Exams


  • Is this program for Supervisors too?

    This bundle is for ABA Trainees during their fieldwork experience. We suggest that supervisors join the supervisor bundle instead, as it is geared toward the materials supervisors need to facilitate supervision. If your supervisor has a subscription already, ask them about enrolling you, for free, through their account.

  • Does my supervisor also need to have a subscription?

    This curriculum and community is designed to be used both as a standalone resource for trainees OR in conjunction with the supervisor subscription. As always, consult with your supervisor before engaging in client specific activities and in determining whether any activities count toward your fieldwork hours.

  • Do you provide supervisors?

    This is designed to be used in partnership with your own independent supervisor. However, our community involves tips for locating and evaluating the fit of a supervisory relationship, and we do offer remote supervision at

  • How long do I have access?

    Access renewed each quarter dependent on your continued subscription.


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